Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tolkien Ring on the Brain

From...: Joe Code (AS/400 High Priest)
To.....: Jack Fozzi (Network High Council)
Date...: 06/12/92
Subject: LIBRA and BIZNET, Fellowship of the Ringed Network.

Dear Jack, Counsel to the Rings,

When is LIBRA going to become a member of BIZNET?

My kindred have been waiting long for the new era to be born and it still has not come to pass. Though the Librans may be a fair and interesting people in a far off land, that does not mean we cannot include them as equal members in the BIZNET fellowship.

When the messenger came to your doorstep in the Northern realm of Bergen you responded in haste and said " the end of April the deed will be done and the fellowship of the network will be made whole again." It is now June and the rings are still broken. I realize that your time was taken up by the new evil that has risen across the river Hudson on the island which is long. Therefore I will not berate you for not keeping your word.

Hear this warning: The rings must be joined fully and the fellowship of the network made whole again on or about the beginning of the summer. If this deed is not carried out then a greater evil (Greater even than Arthur, son of Andersen the Terrible) will rise from the swamps in the land of Secaucus and smote the procrastinators with fire.

We must talk.

Hail and farewell for now,
    Joe, Wizard of Biz

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