Friday, June 15, 2012

The Real Story

There's a real story here and anyone who isn't paying attention is missing it. Of course I almost missed it too, because like everyone else, I got attracted to the conflict and gossip:

But first the dishing: The last thing I expected, when I posted a link to a NY Times article about Obama getting interrupted while reading a statement, was that one of Grover Norquists's lackeys would be trolling Google+ looking for liberals to tweak with pithy comments. (see image to the right.)

Seriously, he doesn't have better things for them to be doing? My little corner of Google+ (a cyberspace backwater if there ever was one) is a bastion of angry liberalism and is in need of a terse bit of text to set me on the path of the straight and narrow? Who are they kidding? Is it an attention getting scheme? Will armies of conservative agents be descending on cyberspace to wreak havoc in the liberal-sphere just to draw attention away from the real stories?

And getting back to real stories: Yes, in this case the real story here is not Neil Munro's boorishness, Tucker Carlson's clueless response, or that legions of Grover-bots might be trolling the backwaters of cyberspace (as well as the halls of Congress, but I digress). The real story is that President Obama is committed to giving the children of illegal immigrants, who have grown up here and call the USA their home, a chance to become legal residents. At some future date we may even allow them to attain citizenship.

That's the real story.