Monday, November 09, 2009

If I Hear the Word "Yankees" Again I Think I'll Scream

My problem is that I was traumatized by a sports jock in the family when I was a small child. Because of him I can no longer see any redeeming value in anything that involves any kind of competition surrounding small round objects.

But seriously, I was never cut out to participate in such activities. My dad insisted that I had to play baseball and football, never mind that I had no interest. I hated practices, I was way out of shape (well, I was a shape, ... a spherical shape, but I digress), and I wasn't any good at either of them.

I lasted two seasons in T-ball and one season of football, the latter of which I spent much of my time warming the bench. When I was allowed to play, the opposing team had no problem running right over me. At which point the coach would pull me right out again. It was pathetic.

As it turns out I was never cut out to watch sports either and I find it humorous that people get so emotionally attached to what is ostensibly a corporate entity that has little or no loyalty to its fan base. If you think that last assertion is without merit, then what about the many so-called "clubs" that have picked up and left one city or another for better offer$ somewhere else? My dad is still grieving over the Brooklyn Dodgers.